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Rubber outfit stretches imagination

By RACHEL MACDONALD Amy Roberts uses art to express herself, whether it's colouring or styling clients' hair at work or designing fashion at home. She needs...

Monster penguin identified from fossils found at Waipara, North Canterbury

3D Model . . . A new species of giant penguin found at Waipara in North Canterbury. Image: Canterbury Museum By Robyn Bristow A new species of...

Picturesque gardens set to inspire visitors

Serene ... Festival-goers will be able to take in the delights of the Amberley House garden. PHOTO: SUPPLIED By ROBYN BRISTOW Garden lovers have just a...

Caterpillar migration

Caterpillar migration

Caterpillar collection heads south ... The great grandchildren of Tracey and Peggy Gough, the founders of the Gough Group, from left, Harriet Gough, Georgia...

Hail pelts Amberley plant farm

Seeds sown for hemp industry

Springston Trophy gets under way in Christchurch this weekend

Springston time . . . Olympian Clarke Johnstone (left) with Robbie Cochrane, from the View Hill Pony Club, at a previous Springston Trophy event....

Teen in dazzling golf win

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