Innovative . . . An artist’s impression of the retail/apartment complex being built on Rangiora’s Red Lion corner. The building, which is well advanced, should be completed
in the first quarter of next year.


By Shelley Topp

The new three-level building being built on Rangiora’s old Red Lion Hotel corner site is scheduled for completion during the first quarter of next year.

The building, on the corner of High and Ivory streets, will have retail space on the
ground floor and apartments on the other two floors.

The building’s structure is made of timber, which developer John Baigent, of Christchurch Property Projects, believes ‘‘may be a first for a building of this size in Rangiora’’.

The decision to use timber for the structure — a growing trend in multi-storey
construction worldwide — was originally based on building time.

‘‘No propping time is required, compared with concrete floors,’’ John explains. ‘‘The weight of the building is less, therefore foundations can be sized accordingly.

‘‘Also, the bulk of the building is apartments so we wanted an ecological point of difference,’’ he said.

‘‘The timber itself is cross-laminated timber panels that are 150 millimetres thick.
These are made up of five layers of spruce/pine and the panels were sourced from a
supplier in Austria.

‘‘We did this because the delivery times were much better than the ones indicated by a local supplier.’’

The new building is part of a three-phase Christchurch Property Projects development and includes the new building next-door for Burger King, which opened in August, and a 700
square metre Cone St development which includes retail and parking space.

‘‘Completion of the High Street building is expected late in the first quarter of
next year, with the Cone Street building (and the whole project) completed by
the middle of next year.

‘‘We could have gone higher (with the three-level building) but chose not to.
You have to make sure there is a demand for what you are building,’’ he said.

‘‘We have had lots of inquiries.’’affiliate tracking urlAir Jordan Release Dates 2021 Updated