Warning to be wary of scammers when working from home


By David Hill

A North Canterbury IT expert is warning families to be alert for online scammers during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Aaron Lovelace, owner of Kaiapoi business Techmedics, says scammers are taking advantage of more people working from home in wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, and families should ensure security settings are up to date, and passwords secure.

“There is a Covid-19 phishing email scam going round that looks like it’s from the government, and asking you to `clink on a link’, which will crash your computer.

“You need to read the email properly because the English and grammar is really bad, making it easy to spot,” says Mr Lovelace.

He says people need to be particularly careful if working from home and connecting remotely to their work computer.

“The biggest problem when working from home and accessing a remote connection, if you download one of these viruses you can infect your work network as well.

“That’s why businesses need to get people who know what they’re doing. Setting up a VPN (virtual private network) connection is a way for workplaces to protect their computers.”

Mr Lovelace says he has also heard of phone scammers up saying they are a Covid-19 response team and saying your computer is infected with Covid-19

He also recommends staying away from naughty stuff online because it’s going to cause you lots of grief

As an essential service, Techmedics is continuing to operate during the lockdown to support local businesses as they work from home and a couple of local of pharmacies.

Techmedics runs 10 servers and cloud storage to back-up data for local businesses, provides computer security and remote support, which is allowing local employees to work from home securely during the lockdown.

“It’s starting to ramp up a bit out here in North Canterbury. A lot of businesses have said we have to close, but we have got some accounting firms working from home and we are providing a back-up service for them.”Running sportsAir Jordan Release Dates 2020