Standardbreds get second chance



Glitz, glamour, comedy, good food, an auction and raffles will come together in a major fundraising event for the Canterbury Standardbred Recycling and Rehoming group.

Jackie Law, from Woodend and Michelle Morrison, from Southbridge, plus their helpers, rescue Standardbreds who have finished racing, or are too slow to qualify.

They break them in to saddle and find them new homes.

With over 500 horses rehomed and more waiting for a second chance at life every day, the pressure to buy feed for them is tremendous.

Jess Smith, a presenter for Trackside, decided something needed to be done to help the women who give their time, money and souls to stop the unwanted race horses ending up at the slaughter house.

“I had hosted a fund raiser for Spinal Trust and people really enjoyed it. I thought the type of fundraising event would suit the Recycled Standardbred group.

“People with a passion for horses don’t often have the chance to get together in a big group. I ran the idea past Jackie and the event has grown quickly.”

Stand Up For Standardbreds will take place at the Cashmere Club on September 22. The ticket includes a three course buffet meal and one free drink on arrival. Stand up comedian Cohen Holloway, a Billy T nominee, will put on a show at the end of the evening Cohen is known not only for stand up comedy but also for his parts in movies like Hunt For The Wilderpeople, Boy, and What We Do In The Shadows.

An auction will be held with an impressive array of donated items. People in the racing industry, who admire the work done by Jackie and Michelle, have come on board.

Nevele R Stud in Prebbleton has donated six months grazing for a wet or dry mare, to be taken between October 1, 2017 and July 31, 2018, valued at $990 to $1260. Woodlands Stud has offered a service to pacing stallion, Highview Tommy for the auction and along with other horse related items there is also items of a general nature. There will also be raffles on the night. The event will go until 1am on Saturday and all the proceeds will go to credit feed accounts at local feed merchants to be used for the horses needing to be rehomed.

Jess will be hosting the night along with race commentator, Mark McNamara.

“Only half of the race horses qualify (to race) and you’re lucky if 20 percent win a race. That leaves a huge amount of horses needing homes. If we lose people like Jackie and Michelle it will be very sad for the whole industry. They need support and the fundraiser is one way of helping them in their never ending quest to help the unwanted horses.”

Rehomed “bar code babies”, which get their name because of their distinctive neck brands, have gone on to win dressage events, show jump, trek, compete in show flat classes, pull carriages and carts and become special members of families New Zealand wide.

To book a ticket ($75) email Jess at Shoes30 Winter Outfit Ideas to Kill It in 2020 – Fashion Inspiration and Discovery