Power supply adds heat to cost of pool

New pool . . . The Amberley Pool will open on April 2. Photo: Supplied


Heating systems at the soon-to-be-opened Amberley Pool will have to rely on a backup generator until upgrades to the electricity network are completed.

Project managers for the long awaited $2 million pool development have found the exisiting supply to be insufficient for the pool’s heating requirements after the original scope was given the all clear.

It means the Hurunui District Council may have to fork out tens-of-thousands of dollars over the course of the year to run a diesel generator until improvements are made to the network.

“When the systems arrived on site for installation it was noted that they were different to the original understanding, and at operational loading the power supply would be close to full capacity,” council chief executive Hamish Dobbie says.

“The power supply to the pool was sufficient based on the original understanding of the specifications for pumping/heating systems, and other operational requirements.”

It eventually became clear to those helming the project, the existing supply would not be able to handle the heating demands for the pool until upgrades had been done.

Amberley Pool project manager Paul Thornton says the generator runs through 160 litres of diesel every two days and was expected to cost council $5000 every four weeks.

The pool was scheduled to open earlier this month, however it was pushed back to April 2 due to supply chain-related holdups.

“With the provisions we have, we are able to open Amberley Pool with what we have. We have the required capability to operate,” Mr Thornton says.

Council confirmed upgrades to MainPower’s existing network were in the planning stages, but further details were unknown.

“We have offered our own design which hopefully will speed things up,” Mr Thornton says.

A MainPower spokeswoman says it was working closely with the contractor and council to scope new requirements and design for the upgrades.

“Once confirmed, MainPower will begin work to deliver the requested connection.”

Construction on the pool began last year after more than a decade of debate and reports on the planned development.

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