Family commitment . . . Standing, from left, are Clare Wright, Steve Wright, Matthew Wright,  Shaun Robinson, Roger Robinson and Trish Robinson. Patsy Mountford is seated, left, and Jaimee Wright holds her daughter, Hayley, aged 8 months. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


A North Canterbury family has been recognised for its service to the Order of St John.

Oxford couple Matthew and Jaimee Wright were presented with 12-year service medals by Jaimee’s grandmother, Patsy Mountford, of Rangiora, at the recent St John North Canterbury District Awards in Hawarden.

Also being honoured was Matthew’s mother, Clare Wright, of Christchurch, who has given 37 years of service to St John and has been the area manager based in Christchurch.

Mrs Mountford gave more than 42 years service and received the Dame of Grace, one of St John’s highest honours, in 2008.

Jaimee’s mother, Trish Robinson, is also a paramedic and other members of the Wright and Robinson families are St John volunteers.

“There’s definitely been a heavy involvement from all of us, mostly in the youth programme but also at a higher level,” Jaimee says.

Jaimee and Matthew met at a St John youth camp and later learned that Clare Wright had worked closely with Jaimee’s mother and grandmother for several years.

“Patsy and Clare were working together before Matthew and I were born.”

Jaimee is a leader with the youth division at Cust, while Matthew is a volunteer for Oxford’s first response unit and is a leader with the Bishopdale youth division in Christchurch, which he attended in his youth.

It seems St John is in the blood and it may not be long until the next generation is active, as Jaimee’s 8-month-old baby, Hayley, and her niece, 7-month-old Harriet, are already regulars at St John events.Nike shoesArchives des Sneakers