Eyesore .. The stopbank rubbish, which has since been removed. Photo: Supplied


Rubbish dumped off stopbanks along the Ashley River behind the Rangiora Racecourse is “outrageous stupidity”, a local resident says.

One huge dump last week of whiteware and household plastic was “criminal” and the last straw for the resident who runs along the stopbanks every day.

It is a popular area for recreation and she is joined by other runners, as well as people walking and biking.

The woman, who asked not to be named, took her concerns about the latest dump of rubbish directly to a company whom she traced from sifting through the pile.

She also rang the Waimakariri District Council, and Environment Canterbury (ECan).

A few days later the rubbish had disappeared.

“It is not acceptable. There is an astonishing amount of stuff being dumped around there.

“It is such a beautiful area and so peaceful.

“To see something like that is horrifying,” she says.

There was absolutely no excuse for the company, or one of its employees, to dump rubbish in the beautiful countryside, particularly when the Rangiora Transfer Station was open, she said.

“Most of it was recyclable, and that can be dropped off for nothing.”

She says the amount of illegal dumping has increased since the lockdown and the easing of restrictions seen at alert level 3.

The area is becoming “completely littered”, she says. The area had been beautified with a lot of natives planted and a picnic table installed.

“It now looks more inhabited which helps, and a rubbish bin has been put in at the picnic area,” she says.

She hopes this might encourage people to stop dumping their rubbish in the area and ruining the environment for others.Adidas shoesKopačky na fotbal