By Shelley Topp

In service . . . The ladder truck saw service in Wellington. Photo: Supplied

A former specialist ladder truck for the Wellington Central Fire Brigade now goes on picnics and fishing trips.

The 1982 Mack CF685 fire truck is now owned by Clarkville’s Dave Scott and Julie Anderson. They have converted it into a home on wheels.

The couple saw the truck online and bought it unseen.

They had been looking for a tiny home for several years but hadn’t found anything that was as transportable as they wanted.

Home away from home . . . The converted truck. Photo: Shelley Topp

They have done a lot of work on the truck and have plans to add a formal dining room and a miniature fire.

“It will be a four-year project to restore and complete the project ready for retirement,” Julie says.

“We now use it for whitebaiting and short trips but look forward to living in it while touring the country after the miniature fire is installed.”

The formal dining room will be installed in the separate

Compact quarters . . . Dave Scott inside the Mack fire truck. Photo: Shelley Topp

fireman’s cab, which already has four “dining chairs”.

There are two sleeping lofts in the truck, including one that fits a queen-size bed with plenty of room to spare.

The fire truck has a second area for storage or to serve as a sleeping area for guests.

The 12.7-litre diesel automatic truck also has a full-size shower and toilet, LED lighting, a gas stove and generator.

It is lined in heart rimu and matai and has an cleverly designed staircase which is also a set of storage drawers.

The staircase was designed by Julie and created by Dave, who is a builder and electrician.

The couple took it out for a picnic at the Pottery Market and RSA Vintage Display at the Loburn Domain on Waitangi Day, where the truck became an unintentional star attraction.

Many people visiting the event were keen to have a look through their stylish truck and find out about its history.bridge mediaNIKE HOMME