Kaiapoi’s world record-breaking long-distance runner, Emma Timmis, is excited to have her first solo art exhibition.

There are 26 images in the Emma Timmis-Artist Runner exhibition at Kaiapoi’s Art on the Quay Gallery. They are mostly drawings of bees and native birds, with a few other unique drawings added to the mix.

“There are some graphite pencil drawings, some colour pencil drawings and some pen,” Emma says.

The exhibition also includes a photo-display wall showcasing some of the long-distance runs Emma has completed in, including her “most challenging” event setting a world record running the length of New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Bluff during December 2021 and last January to fundraise for Youthline in New Zealand and Young Minds in the United Kingdom.

Emma is self-taught artist who drew a lot as a child and developed her skills through experimentation.

The work displayed in this exhibition has been done during the last four years.

“Most have never been displayed before so I am excited to share them with the public,” she says.

“The two original large native bird drawings of a tui and a karearea (New Zealand falcon) are my favourite as they are my latest drawings and as my skills develop, I am putting more and more intricate detail into them.”

The Emma Timmis-Artist Runner exhibition is at Art on the Quay Gallery, closing April 6.