Taggart Earthmoving decides against appeal

Petition group... some of the more than 4000 people who signed a petition opposing a Rangiora Racecourse quarry.. PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP
Taggart Earthmoving Ltd has decided not to appeal a decision to deny the company a resource consent to develop a quarry at the Rangiora Racecourse.
Taggart CEO Paul Taggart says the commissioners’ decision to decline Taggart’s resource consent applications was disappointing for the company, but they had decided not to appeal due to legal advice and the potential high-cost of an appeal in the Environment Court. 
“We have already spent a lot of money on this project but that is the risk you take,” he said.
“We are now assessing our options and have some tough decisions to make about the future of our operation  in Rangiora, which will depend on whether we can find an alternative source of gravel,” he said.
The company was  assessing other possible gravel extraction sites within the Waimakariri district, but he was unwilling to say at this stage where they were.
The commissioners,  Paul Rogers and John Iseli, on behalf of Environment Canterbury and the Waimakariri District Council, denied the resource consent applications consent for the rascecourse quarry primarily because “the risks and potential risks to groundwater contamination and contamination of drinking water supplies down-gradient of the site are unacceptable.”
Deputy President of the No Rangiora Racecourse Quarry Inc John Mather said he was delighted that Taggart Earthmoving Ltd had chosen not to appeal the decision.