Swimming sites monitored

Fun in the water . . . Families will be looking forward to cooling off in water ways around the region this summer.

Taking a dip in a river or water way to cool off on a hot summer’s day is something we take for granted.

Each summer from November to March, Environment Canterbury (ECan) monitors more than 100 of Canterbury’s popular swimming sites weekly to check for water quality issues which can be harmful to people and pets, especially dogs.

As at last week, 19 swimming sites in North Canterbury were graded as suitable, while four were considered not suitable.

Suitability of a site can change, depending on environmental conditions such as warm temperatures, sunlight, low or stable river flows, and high levels of nutrients.

Before you or your dog swim, make sure you view the most up-to-date water quality results from our weekly monitoring at lawa.org.nz.

All five monitored beach sites in the Kaikoura district remain good for swimming, including Armers Beach, Gooch’s Beach, Mangamaunu, Peketa Beach and South Bay, as do the two sites in the Hurunui district, Gore Bay and Motunau Beach.

In the Waimakariri district there have been no changes since last year’s grading.

Pegasus township beach, Pines Beach, Waikuku Beach and Woodend Beach are suitable for swimming.

The Ashley River/Rakahuri Estuary site remains unsuitable for swimming.

In the Kaikoura district, the Kahutara River at State Highway 1 remains good for swimming, but the Lyell Creek Lagoon remains unsuitable.

The Hurunui River at SH1 is good for swimming, but should be avoided after heavy rain.

Further upstream, the Hurunui River at SH7 remains unsuitable for swimming.

The monitored sites in the Waipara River at the Boys Brigade pool and Waiau-Uwha River at Waiau township are safe to swim in.

In the Waimakariri district, the Ashley River / Rakahuri sites at Rangiora-Loburn bridge, gorge bridge and SH1 are suitable for swimming.

Pegasus Lake at Moto Quay is suitable for swimming, but Kaiapoi River at the boat ramp should be avoided.