Snipping scissors raise cash

Cutting a deal . . . Haircusts in exchange for a donation were in hot demand all day at the Cust fire station last Sunday. Photos: Rachel Macdonald


Sausages were sizzling, raffle tickets were flying out the door, and the fire brigade was out in force to help on Sunday during a fundraiser in Cust to help those fighting Australia’s bushfires.

Every chair was full at 10am in the Cust fire station, in front of the hairdressing stations, and the queue of people waiting to get their hair cut for charity was still there at 4pm that afternoon.

All together, the Cust Community Standing Together for Australia Bushfires initiative was a huge success, says local hairdresser and organiser Amy Roberts.

Raising cash . . . Cust’s Stu Reed laid on a trike-ride in exchange for a gold coin donation to the cause.

It raised $6000 on the day, with raffle tickets still on sale until the end of the week.

“I was blown away by the response from this community and those who came to see us from outside the area,” Amy says.

“And the donations for the raffles kept on coming in, even on the day.”

Once the raffle sales have closed, all the funds raised will be donated directly to rural brigades fighting the Australian bushfires on the front Running shoesSneakers