Share delight: A shed with a twist



A food-sharing shed will open in Amberley on Saturday.

Maree Clapham is behind the venture, which aims at building a stronger community.

She says the Fruit & Vege Sharing Shed is all about providing a place for people to take their excess fruit, vegetables and produce to share with others and ” giving unconditionally and taking guilt-free”.

“It will help minimise food waste, it will provide people with free produce and it will provide a way for people to give to others,” she says.

“Giving is something which people love to do and it helps to build a strong, connected community.

“I love that it is not about money and that it puts everyone on a level playing field. I don’t care if you’re a millionaire or don’t even have a dollar. The idea behind the Sharing Shed is that it is for everyone.

“Anyone is welcome to give and everyone is welcome to take the produce for their own use.”

The shed will open at 10am in Markham Street, opposite the Little Vintage Cafe, thanks to support from Bunnings Rangiora, which donated materials, local builder Mark Adorian, who built the shed, and other businesses which have got behind the venture.

Community effort . . . Local graphic designer Margot Korhonen designed teh logo.

Local graphic designer Margot Korhonen spent hours on signage and the logo design.

People are invited to place good quality produce neatly on the stand for others to enjoy.

All baking, preserves and eggs have to be dated and placed in a pest proof container.

Maree also asks people not to leave anything that needs refrigerated and to make sure that all produce is in good condition.

Donations can be broken into smaller portions by using the available recycled paper containers.

Maree asks people to write in a book on the stand what they have donated to help measure the shed’s success.

She urges people not to clean out the shelves, but to take one portion so there is plenty left for others to enjoy.

“Please try to return the favour when you can.

“This could be in the form of produce, seedlings, a product or items received (for example, a jar of jam), baking, a bunch of flowers, or helping to keep the shed tidy,” Maree says.

Maree says with the help of local groups, a ‘Boomerang seedling’ idea could help stock the Sharing Shed.

“We will encourage people to take the seedlings home to grow vegetables, use what they need, and bring the excess produce back to the shed to share.”

She says there is definitely no household items or non food items to be left at the stand.

“Problems with people leaving these items has put other sharing stands at risk of closure,” she says.Sportswear DesignΓυναικεία Αντιανεμικά Μπουφάν , Αθλητικα Μπουφάν , Nike, adidas , Προσφορές & Εκπτώσεις Sport