Revitalised . . . The Hurunui Hotel has been carefully restored in a way that respects its important heritage values.PHOTO: JUDITH HARRINGTON


The historic Hurunui Hotel is up for sale or lease.

The supporting function centre and campervan park are also on the market.

The hotel, which has an Historic Places Trust category 1-listing, has been restored and structurally upgraded after taking a battering in the November 2016 earthquake.

Traditional techniques and materials have been used where appropriate, to respect its heritage values.

Individual stones taken from the building were numbered to ensure they went back to their original location, and traditional mortar, using hydraulic lime and aggregate, was used to bind the elements together in a faithful restoration.

The only visible change are plates on the exterior face of the building, providing strength and reassurance to users it is able to resist any future seismic events.

Owner Rodger Strong has toiled on the the building, with Pinnacle Masonry doing the stonework.

He says it is now time for a new owner or leasee to take over the running of the 150-year-old pub, which can boast having one of the oldest continuous licences in the country.

He says the hotel “belongs to the people of Canterbury and we are only here looking after it”.

He and his wife Nola say it is time for them to retire, now the hotel has been brought back to life.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for the new tenant or owner to take the historic hotel into the future,” Rodger says.

The work has been signed off by the engineer and architect and the Hurunui District Council has given it the thumbs-up with a Code of Compliance, a full liquor licence, and Warrant of Fitness.

The upgrade was an imposing financial hurdle for the Strongs, but a boost of $132,503, from Heritage EQUIP (Heritage Earthquake Upgrade Incentive Programme), helped get the project across the line.

Heritage EQUIP helps private owners of earthquake-prone buildings with a heritage classification with maintenance costs and keeping their buildings safe.

“If Heritage EQUIP didn’t come to the party, the building would have been uneconomic for a private individual to reinstate,” Rodger said last January, when the restoration began.

The couple say finance is available to an approved purchaser.Sports News¿Qué es un oxímetro? – Medir el oxígeno en sangre con Covid-19