Flattened . . . One of the victims of vandalism. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


Road signs have been pushed over and defaced by vandals in North Canterbury’s high country, hitting the pockets of Hurunui District Council ratepayers and visitors.

The council is working with the police to identify the culprits who damaged road and information signs belonging to the council and Department of Conservation (DOC) over the Christmas / New Year holiday period in Molesworth Station.

Signs on the Clarence Valley, Tophouse and Molesworth Road up to the Acheron Accommodation House were targeted by the vandals.

Two signs provided an early alert to road users that there is no access from the northern end of the Acheron Road, in Molesworth Station, out to Blenheim via the Awatere Valley Road, due to storm damage last July.

Many visitors were inconvenienced, and forced to turn back before realising they could not travel on to Blenheim.

Council’s team leader for roading, Kait Murray, says there is a list of projects in the works programme the council would really like to spend money on.

“It is a big shame it has to be wasted on mopping up the mess of thoughtless acts like this.

These council-owned signs are not replaced or fixed for free.

“The funds come straight from our ratepayers,” she says.

DOC Senior Heritage and Visitors Ranger James Gilmour says the DOC signs provide valuable information for visitors to Molesworth.

“It’s frustrating that someone has deliberately damaged signs that are helpful to people when making a holiday trip into Molesworth.

Some signs can be re-erected, but some signs will need to be replaced.

If anyone has any information, please contact the council on 03 314 8816 or Doc at 0800 DOCHot/ 36 24 68.