Payrise for Waimakariri councillors


By David Hill

Waimakariri’s councillors are set to receive a payrise.

Mayor Dan Gordon is set to receive a $14,000 increase from the salary paid to former mayor David Ayers, while all councillors can expect a pay rise.

The mayor’s annual salary will rise from $123,068 to $137,500, while Deputy Mayor Neville Atkinson will receive $58,122, an increase of more than $11,000.

Reporting to Tuesday’s council meeting, governance manager Sarah Nichols says the Remuneration Authority sets the remuneration, allowances and expenses for elected members, based on the population in the district.

Following a review last year, the authority set a remuneration pool of $488,448 for Waimakariri’s 10 councillors, excluding the mayor.

It is recommended the remaining nine councillors will receive $47,814 each – up $5000 on last year, which is subject to confirmation from the Remuneration Authority.

Mr Gordon says he believes all councillors should be paid the same.

“We are all equal around this table. We are all one, the mayor, deputy mayor and councillors.

“Setting differentiation creates division, setting aside that the Remuneration Authority has different views when it comes to the mayor and deputy mayor, which is out of my control.”

Further appointments were made to committees both of the council and to serve the wider region, including former mayor Mr Ayers being nominated to continue as the Waimakariri and Hurunui representative the Canterbury Museum Trust Board.

Mr Gordon says Mr Ayers, who is the board’s deputy chair, brings experience which will be invaluable as the trust works on some major projects.

“This is a very important appointment and the Canterbury Museum Trust Board is keen for him to remain because they have some major building projects and challenges.”

The appointment is subject to the agreement of the Hurunui District Council.

Other committee appointments:

Waimakariri Youth Council: Mayor Dan Gordon, Crs Kirstyn Barnett and Niki Mealings.

Waimakariri Passchendaele Advisory Group, Enshi Sister City Advisory Group, Waimakariri Safe Community Governance Group: Cr Neville Atkinson.

Canterbury Regional Land Transport Committee, Passenger Transport Advisory Group, Waitaha Primary Health Organisation: Mayor Gordon.

Waimakariri Road Safety Co-ordinating Committee: Crs Wendy Doody and Paul Williams.

Canterbury Museum Trust Board Standing Committee, Waimakariri Access Group, Rangiora Promotions Management Board, Central Rural Drainage Advisory Group: Cr Joan Ward.

Canterbury Water Management Strategy Regional Committee: Hurunui Mayor Marie Black.

Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust: Martin Pinkham.

Creative Communities NZ Assessment Committee, Waimakariri Health Advisory Group, Canterbury Regional Biosecurity Advisory Group (Northern): Cr Philip Redmond.

Waimakariri Community Arts Council, Waimakariri Art Collection Trust, Northern Pegasus Bay Advisory Group (chair), Te Kohaka O Tuhaitara Trust, Canterbury Regional Waimakariri / Eyre / Cust River Rating Committee and Ashley River Rating Committee, Clarkville Rural Drainage Advisory Group, Coastal Rural Drainage Advisory Group: Cr Al Blackie.

North Canterbury Sport and Recreation Trust: Crs Redmond and Doody.

Social Services Waimakariri Advisory Group: Cr Barnett.

Waimakariri Age Friendly Steering Group, Oxford Promotions Action Committee, North Canterbury Museums’ Group, Mandeville Sports Club Board, Oxford Rural Drainage Advisory Group: Cr Doody.

Rangiora Airfield Advisory Group: Crs Ward and Williams.

Southbrook Sports Club: Cr Robbie Brine.

Ashley Rural Water Scheme Management Committee: Cr Williams.

Ohoka Rural Drainage Advisory Group: Cr Mealings.

Waimakariri Water Race Advisory Group: Cr Sandra Stewart.

West Eyreton, Summerhill and Poyntzs Road Rural Water Supply Advisory Group: Crs Williams and Mealings.

Garrymere Water Supply Advisory Group: Crs Williams and Barnett.

Town Centres Festive Lights Working Party: Crs Redmond, Ward and Williams.affiliate tracking urlMens Flynit Trainers