Pair mark 60 years of marriage



Lorraine and Graham Robinson are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary next month with a family outing on the Kaiapoi River Queen

The octogenarians, from Summerhill, near Cust, first met when they were both working in Amberley, where Graham was doing an apprenticeship at McLean’s Engineering shop.

Lorraine worked in a drapery store in the town at that time and often used to go past the engineering shop, but always on the other side of the road to avoid wolf whistles directed at women passing closer.

However, Lorraine’s detour to avoid the engineering shop didn’t stop Graham noticing her from afar.

“She is a nice looking girl,” he says. “She still is. I couldn’t have done better.”

When the pair eventually got together they found they had a mutual interest in hunting, but for different reasons.

“Graham enjoyed pig and deer hunting but I enjoyed the tramping. I don’t like shooting animals, but I love the outdoors,” Lorraine says.

However, she does enjoy miniature rifle shooting and is a good shot. “She is better than me,” Graham says.

Lorraine says she admires Graham’s calm, placid nature. “Graham is very laid back, very accepting,” she says.

The couple married on October 1, 1960, at the tiny Balcairn Church, which is now a private residence. They did a road trip around the North Island for their honeymoon.

The year after Lorraine and Graham married, his father, Ernie, bought a sheep and crop farm in Cust, and in 1974 the couple bought their own farm nearby, a 32-hectare property at Summerhill, where they still live.

Farming life and family have provided many highlights for the couple, but they have also enjoyed several overseas holidays and were planning to do a European River Cruise earlier this year until the Covid-19 pandemic scuppered that.

They have five children, eight grandchildren and two footwearAir Jordan