By Robyn Bristow

The Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade roadshow hits South Bay Boat Ramp in Kaikoura on Monday, January 15.

People are invited to visit the Old4New van between 3pm and 6pm with their old or damaged lifejacket and receive a discount on a new Hutchwilco Lifejacket.

Coastguard New Zealand CEO Patrick Holmes says the initiative to visit boat ramps and key locations throughout New Zealand in the van, supplied by the Giltrap Group, is a key part of Coastguards advocacy for safe and enjoyable boating.

“Lifejackets save lives, its as simple as that,” he says

“Two-thirds of recreational boating fatalities would likely be prevented if lifejackets were worn. A lifejacket has never ruined a day on the water.

“The Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade campaign provides an easy and accessible way for people to ensure they have the correct number of fit for purpose lifejackets to wear on their boat.”

Over 7000 lifejackets have been traded in over the last three years of the campaign.

“For those who aren’t able to come to the Old4New van, retailer Boating and Outdoors are also supporting the initiative by offering the Old4New trade in deal at their stores nationwide during specific weeks of the campaign,” says Mr Holmes.

The reach of the Old4New lifejacket Upgrade goes beyond New Zealand shores, with good quality, traded-in lifejackets, that meet New Zealand standards, shipped to communities in need.

“Through our partnerships with Matson Shipping were able to send these lifejackets to at-risk communities in the Pacific Islands,” he says.

The Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade is funded by Maritime New Zealand with support from the Southern Trust in conjunction with generous support from kiwi companies Hutchwilco and the Giltrap Group.Nike sneakersMiesten kengät laajasta valikoimasta