New technology in the supermarket aisles

Team effort .. . James and Catherine Flanagan, left, owner-operators of PAK'nSAVE Rangiora, who celebrated the SHOP'nGO technology coming to their store, with shoppers Carolyn Lane and Barry Lennox, Nicki Carter, who is social services Waimakariri co-ordinator, Rachel Thornton, council community development facilitator, Chris Field, of Civil Defence management, and Tessa Sturley, the council's community team manager. PHOTOS: ROBYN BRISTOW


Technology beat good old fashioned slog in a shop-off at PAK’nSAVE Rangiora on Tuesday morning.

Two North Canterbury Newsreaders who won a draw took to the aisles using identical shopping lists with the new SHOP’nGo device, while the other shopped conventionally.

Rangiora’s Carolyn Lane, who used the new device, completed her shop several minutes ahead of Barry Lennox, from Kaiapoi.

Cruising to victory … Carolyn Lane scans a product during the competition.

Carolyn says the biggest time-saver with the device was at the checkout because her shop had already been tallied and she packed it in her trolley as she shopped.

All she had to do was pay.

Meanwhile, Barry had to wheel through a checkout, put his groceries on the counter to be scanned, and then pack them.

Their efforts earned each of them a $200 PAK’nSAVE voucher, while many others will also benefit from their efforts.

Owner-operators James and Catherine Flanagan gifted the competition groceries to food banks.

People involve

All concentration … Barry Lennox studies his shopping list during the shop-off.

d in a new collaborative approach to ensure enough food is getting to food banks were on-hand to accept the groceries.

Tessa Sturley, community team manager at the Waimakariri District Council, says the collaborative approach was born out of the Covid-19 lockdown to ensure a supply of food was available to those in the community who needed it.

It is led by Nicki Carter, social services Waimakariri facilitator, and Rachel Thornton, the community development facilitator for the council.

Mr Flanagan says the SHOP’nGO device went live on Monday this week, and was already proving popular, with many registering to use it for their grocery shop.

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