Under repair ... Earthquake damage to this rail bridge in the Hundalees is being repaired. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A landmark rail bridge which passes over State Highway 1 south of Kaikoura is being repaired.

Strengthening and repair work began on the quake-damaged bridge on the southern approach to the Hundalees in the Hurunui district last week and is expected to take six to eight weeks.

The work involves fixing cracks in its piers and filling the gap between the bridge’s columns, so the infilled walls bear the bridge’s load instead of the original piers.

“This a challenging work site, as the construction crew must work under the bridge and immediately adjacent to SH1,” a North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery alliance (NCTIR) spokesperson says.

“While the work area will be fenced, the travelling public can help keep the crew safe by respecting any speed restriction put in place on this section of highway.”

NCTIR says there will be times during the repairs where SH1 will be reduced to a single-lane and under traffic management for short periods while formwork is installed or concrete poured.

The work is part of the larger programme of repairs on the main north railway line which will enable the full restoration of day-time freight and passenger services by the end of the year.

Several rail bridges in the Conway area also will be under repair over the coming months.latest jordansAir Jordan