Information about wedding dress sought



It is hoped a wedding dress display at the Rangiora Museum will uncover new information about one of the gowns.

Angela Cramond, of Woodend, who is in charge of the display, says little is known about a gown from the 1870s, except that it was donated by Mrs H.M. Burgin, who is believed to have been from Swannanoa.

Each one of the seven other dresses, which date from 1874 to 1948, in the display has its own story about the history of the gown. In some cases this includes a wedding gift list, some of the gifts, and newspaper articles about the big day.

The dresses were put on display for Easter because it is traditionally a popular time for weddings.

“This is possibly the last time these dresses will all be seen together,” Angela says. The display, has delighted many visitors to the museum and will remain on show for another month or two.

“We have had a great response to the display, but unfortunately no new information has come forward yet,” Angela says.

The dresses are normally packed away in special boxes to preserve them but despite that high level of care five dresses from the 1800s are starting to deteriorate.

If anybody has information about the dress donated by Mrs Burgin they can phone Angela at the museum on 03-310 7356 during opening hours on Wednesdays, 1.30pm to 4pm, and Sundays, 1.30pm to 4pm.