If the shoe fits, weld it

290 shoes later ... Used horse shoes make up this archway Hamish Hartnell built for his wife, Mairie. PHOTOS: AMANDA BOWES

Well used .. Hamish Hartnell’s raw materials come from Alpine Horse Safaris’ trekking operation.shoes are being transformed into garden features in a shed in Hawarden.

Hamish Hartnell takes used shoes from Alpine Horse Safaris and gives them a new life.

He says the idea came from his wife, Mairie, who wanted an archway made from horse shoes.

Taking up the challenge, Hamish talked to Lawrie O’Carroll, who runs Alpine Horse Safaris in the high country west of Hawarden.

The result was a trailer-load of used shoes diverted from the scrap heap.

The archway used 290 shoes. The process of welding the shoes took around an hour for each row.

Because Hamish works on his creations only when he has spare time, they take a while to complete.

Well used . . . Hamish Harnell’s raw materials come from Alpine Horse Safaris’ trekking operation.

A bird feeder made in the Menz Shed in Kaiapoi has been given horse-shoe legs and a base to keep it steady. Each leg has eight shoes welded together and is destined for the garden of a Hawarden local.

For the past year, Hamish has been creating a wall made from river rocks which are contained in a framework made from the horse shoes.

“The wall has 390 shoes around it. I had to make the bottom row first, then built on it.”

The three-tiered wall has taken the most amount of time but has been worth the effort.

“I just love getting out into the shed and mucking around with the welder. I’ll work for a couple of hours at a time, or more if I can.”

As his supply of shoes is getting low, it won’t be long before Hamish makes another trip to Alpine Horse Safaris to relieve Lawrie and Jenny O’Carroll of another trailer-load.affiliate tracking urlAir Jordan III (3) Retro ‘Black Flip’ – Even More Images