What a whopper .. The Red Shaver's impressive effort. Photo: Supplied


A Brown Shaver chook from a Swannanoa property has become the Wonder Woman of the henhouse, laying two eye-wateringly large eggs.

Both are double-shell, triple-yolk eggs, says owner Tim Armitage, of Harrs Road. Her first weighed 174 grams, and on Monday and even larger surprise greeted the Armitage family. It weighed 179g.

Tim says she is one of six young Brown Shaver hens, and he believes she may well be a world record holder. The nearest record he can find is for a Red Shaver in Canada. Its egg was 143g, he says.

Guinness World Records credits a Leghorn with a 454g egg as the world record.

“So we are nowhere near the record for all breeds,” explains Tim.

“The question that we cannot answer is: Is our girl a world record holder for her breed?”Running Sneakers StoreSneakers