Leaving town . . . Sophie Wang, co-owner of Rangiora's popular Good Street Deli which is moving to Christchurch. PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP


A delicatessen that made Good Street a well known gastronomic delight in Rangiora and beyond, is moving to Christchurch.

The Good Street Deli is one of several tenants in the building on the the corner of High St and Good St that is being demolished next month to make way for a new purpose-built retail space.

The new building, owned by Wightman Properties Limited, will have retail frontages on High St and the Good St walkway.

It is expected to be completed by November. Michael Lau and Sophie Wang, owners of The Good Street Deli, have decided to move their business to Christchurch after much consideration.

They both have young families and they both live in Christchurch. Life will be a lot easier for them and their families without the daily commute to Rangiora.

They also thought that with the foot-traffic in Good St declining in recent months and so many eateries in Rangiora now they would be better placed moving to Christchurch where the population is bigger.

It was good for Rangiora people to have such a great choice of eateries, Sophie said, but that did make it more difficult for the owners of the restaurants and cafes to make a living.

“Everybody expected a boom after Farmers opened,” she said.

“But the growth has not been as much as we expected.”

The Good Street Deli will retain the same name in its new Christchurch location, which is still to be confirmed, and the food will be the same high-quality fare North Canterbury customers have enjoyed since it was first opened by Peter and Fiona Bersani on December 15, 2005.

Michael and Sophie bought the deli from them on July 1, 2013.

“It is the food we enjoy,” said Sophie.url cloneAutres