Delayed .. A rider superimposed on a Hanmer Springs background. IMAGE: FILE


]The brakes have been put on developing a flyride in Hanmer Springs

The Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa has asked the Hurunui District Council for its application for a resource consent to install and run the flyride to be suspended until further notice.

It is proposed for the western face of the Conical Hill Reserve.

Pools general manager Graeme Abbot says detailed planning has shown some poles will have to be moved because of the topography.

“That side of the hill is undulating. Some of the poles need to be increased in height, and more pines need to be cut down than initially thought.”

This, he said, is considered a big change which came to light after the consent application was lodged.

“The information on the consent was not as accurate as we would like, so we have put it on hold until we have all the detail,” he says.

Once all the information is gathered, it will be taken back to the community and council officers, before the process starts again.

Mr Abbot says the pause will not put the project behind or affect its funding.

The proposed flyride consists of a cable track system on seven poles. The ride is provided in trolleys suspended from the cable track. The flyride changes direction at each pole. There is a platform at the start and finish.

It is being funded by $2.123m from the government’s infrastructure funding scheme and $123,000 from the Provincial Growth Fund.