Family cat shot and left to die


A Sefton family is devastated their pet cat was shot and left for dead while they were away for the weekend.
But Peter Pan was just badly injured and managed to drag himself home where Barb Duncan and her family found him in the garden with his leg ‘‘just hanging there’’. It has since had to be amputated.
‘‘We thought he had been hit by a car but when we took him to the vet and they x-rayed him there were shotgun pellets in his leg, which had fragmented it,’’ she says.
‘‘My three-year-old daughter Millie just loves Peter Pan puss puss to bits – she named him that. She can do anything with him and puts him to bed with his head on a pillow and puts a blanket over him and he will just lie there,’’ says Barb.
She and her five-year-old step-brother were horrified and extremely upset to see Peter in such a bad state.
Barb says neighbours heard two shots but she had been unable to track down who might have fired them.
‘‘He doesn’t look like a wild cat. Someone has taken a couple of shots at him.
‘‘How can you mistake a big black fluffy cat for a wild cat?
‘‘I want whoever did this to know what they have done and know how upset the kids were to find Peter with his mutilated leg, bloodied and hanging,’’ says Barb.
‘‘If you are going to shoot something like that, you shouldn’t leave it to limp back home for the kids to find.
‘‘I just want them to know they didn’t kill the cat and it came home for the kids to find,’’ she says.
The family was left to decide whether to have Peter put down, amputate his leg at a cost of around $1000 or try to fix it at a cost of $3000.
They opted to have his leg removed and Peter is now home recovering and doing nicely as he adapts to only having three legs.
‘‘He is wandering around pretty well,’’ says Barb.Buy Sneakersnike women free 1.0 cross bionic hair care scam WMNS Light Violet DH8074-100 Release Date