A major development is proposed for the southern outskirts of Rangiora, with early plans weighing up a conference centre, museum, cafe and hotel accommodation.

“It’s exciting,” Waimakariri District Council planning manager Matthew Bacon said.

“We haven’t seen any detail yet – we’re still in the early consent stage – but I believe there are plans on the board for a conference centre, a cafe and a pub, a museum, a wedding chapel, a gym, hotel accommodation, and some retail.

“Central government made this happen, but this is what has been submitted to us, so let’s see how it works out.”

The proposed complex will sit atop rubble trucked out from the demolition of the former AMI Stadium at Lancaster Park.

Mr Bacon said the site, on the corner of Flaxton and Fernside roads, was re-zoned after the quakes by the government under the Land Use Recovery Plan.

“That came from Wellington and was more around creating a framework for development, rather than looking at existing use or consenting any future activity.”

Essentially, the government document approved the re-zoning of the four hectares of greenfields land on the corner, which would allow the private commercial development.

The site will be a welcome home for roughly a third of the rubble from the demolition of
the quake-damaged AMI Stadium at Lancaster Park.

The stadium’s demolition is well under way and is predicted to involve the removal of 68,000 cubic metres of material above ground and 30,000 cubic metres of foundations.

Consent has been granted for 32,000 cubic metres of that material to be up-cycled as an uncontaminated clean-fillĀ  resource for the new Flaxton development, says Kate
Bonifacio, also with the council’s planning department.

“This is concrete – and most of it isn’t very old – with some reinforcing steel that will be
removed. It’s perfect for crushing up for base course for a building platform, and it’s being trucked out here as part of a precisely organised logistical exercise, just for that
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