Damaged . . . A Mazda Demio after two youths jumped on the roof, and smashed the windscreen during late night antics. Photo: Supplied

By Robyn Bristow

A young couple’s car has been wrecked in their Woodend driveway after two youths jumped on the roof, caving it in, and shattering the windscreen.

The youths fled from the Rangiora-Woodend Road address after being yelled at by the owner.

The incident happened on Monday night about 11.30pm. The house is close to the road’s intersection with State Highway One.

Cody says it seems to be nothing more than wanton vandalism by a couple of youths “for no good reason”.

“There seems to have been no goal. They didn’t steal anything.

“If they had broken in and stolen the kids car seats there might of been an objective.

“But there seems to be no real reason,” he says.

Cody says he heard a noise and went to have a look around, because his wife wanted some reassurance about what was going on.

“Usually its a waste of time, and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t find anything,” he says.

But this time there were two youths on top of his Mazda Damio car, parked up by the fence which separates the drive from the house, and outside their children’s bedroom window.

Cody yelled and they took off. He decided not to follow.

“I wasn’t dressed for the occasion,” he says.

Cody says he is really disappointed and angry, and now has to go through the “hassle” of dealing with insurance, and possibly having to buy a new car.

He hopes someone may have captured the youths on a security camera, or seen them leaving the address.

“I would love someone to be held accountable,” he says.

He has reported the incident to the North Canterbury Police. The file number is 220-328-3197.