Thumbs up . . . Satisfy Food Rescue distribution co-ordinator Michelle Campbell gives the thumbs up to supporters of the food rescue service. Photo: Satisfy Food Rescue.

By David Hill

North Canterbury’s food rescue service is continuing to operate during lockdown to ensure local families don’t go hungry.

As an essential service, it is business as usual for Satisfy Food Rescue in redistributing food to food banks throughout North Canterbury, distribution co-ordinator Michelle Campbell says.

Volunteers are continuing to make non-contact collections of excess food each day from local supermarkets and are receiving bulk deliveries from the New Zealand Food Network.

“We have just enough food to service the food banks and other organisations we are supporting in lockdown, but we could always do with more,says.

While there has been no increase in demand from food banks across the Waimakariri district, spike in Hurunui,” Ms Campbell says.

Satisfy Food Rescue supplies three food banks in the Hurunui district, with a growth in demand being experience at Culverden and Cheviot.

But the pressures on food banks may change the longer the lockdown goes on and its ongoing impact is hard to predict, she says.

Some local organisations have already made some generous donations since the lockdown began, with MainPower Stadium donating a supply of milk and Happy Hens has been providing eggs it would otherwise have been selling at farmers’ markets.

“We are aware that there may be businesses with excess food that would otherwise go to waste,” Ms Campbell says.

“Satisfy can help with non-contact collections and can distribute any excess to support individuals and families in need.”

Anyone wanting to make a donation to Satisfy Food Rescue can contact 027-9516052 or go to the website