Big surprise in hen run



A Rangiora schoolgirl got a pleasant surprise when she arrived home from school last Friday.

Five-year-old Paisyn Williams found a giant egg, weighing in at a whopping 110 grams, laid by one of her hens on the ground outside of their hen house.

“She was so excited about it, she came running inside,” her mum Kelly Watson says.

Kelly says the legbar hens usually lay an egg each day, but they are normally much smaller.

The 110 gram egg is 8cm long compared with the minimum weight for an egg in a jumbo-sized carton in New Zealand of 68 grams.

Kelly says the family adopted the hens, Athena and Rocket, as one-day old chicks 11 months ago and hand raised them. A third “hen” which they named Flower turned out to be a rooster and now resides with friends at Waikuku Beach.

“I thought chooks would be wonderful. We had them inside until they were nearly fully grown, when I finally had the heart to put them outside.

“They are so spoilt. They don’t eat vegetable scraps because I fed them too well when they were inside.”

A quick internet search reveals the world record for a chook egg, laid by a hen in China, is 6.3cm wide, 9.2cm long and it tipped the scales at 201 grams.Running sportsAutres