Big screen to feature local railway



A tiny slice of North Canterbury’s rail history will hit the big screens this summer.

The Weka Pass Railway (WPR) has a starring role in the remake of the classic 1980s Kiwi hit Goodbye Pork Pie.

Earlier this year the society’s rail stock and railway line, which wends its way from the Glenmark Station at Waipara through the Weka Pass to Waikari, became an important prop for the movie.

This was due to the difficulty in getting a long period of time between trains running along the KiwiRail main trunk line to film any scenes.

So shooting took place on the WPR line and at the Glenmark Station so filming could go ahead uninterrupted. One scene has a Mini jumping out of a wagon while the train is on the move and landing on the Glenmark platform.

But as reported in the WPR’s, “The Frog Rock Times, “there is a fair amount of trickery involved”.

KiwiRail, who are part sponsors of the film, supplied six freight wagons – four flat deck wagons and two ZH box wagons – to make up a small freight train.

The wagons were towed to Waikari and back behind the society’s DG791 making an interesting looking train as it wound its way through the Weka Pass.

Goodbye Pork Pie, or as it is simply referred to as Pork Pie, will premiere this summer.bridgemedia/New Releases Nike