Sprint finish ... Timaru Rider 199 James Corry, aged 16, wins the 60km event. PHOTO: MANDY WILSON

By Shelley Topp

A Timaru teenager won the main event in Waimakariri’s annual Bridge To Bridge Mountainbike Ride last Sunday.

James Corry, aged 16, a student at Mountainview High School, had to sprint hard at the finish to win the endurance race, clocking 1:46:38 for the 60km. It is the second time the teen has competed in the race.

Last year he finished third and was hopeful before Sunday’s race that he could win this year. James hopes to become a professional mountainbike racer.

His father, Jody Wilson, also rode in the 60km event.

James became interested in mountainbiking because of his father and the pair often train together.

James is coached by Jimmy Williamson from Willbike Cycling Central in Alexandra.

Sunday’s mountainbike ride included three ride options, 60km, 30km and 15km, all with different starting points but all finishing on Raven Quay in Kaiapoi.

The 60km ride began at the Waimakariri Gorge Golf Club at View Hill. The 30km ride began at Downs Road in West Eyreton, while the 15km ride began at Harrs Road. It was recommended for children as a good introduction to mountainbike racing.

The event attracted 365 riders, including six using electric bikes.latest jordansPatike