Amuri Net to deliver faster rural broadband to North Canterbury


North Canterbury rural internet provider Amuri Net will be delivering faster rural broadband to more rural Cantabrians following today’s announcement of details of the Government’s Rural Broadband 2 initiative in Hamilton.

The scheme has been designed to extend broadband services to even more remote, rural users’ allowing Amuri Net to use the scheme to extend its network coverage to areas like Lake Sumner.

It will be deploying the latest generation wireless broadband technology and also recently acquired high capacity 2.6 Gigahertz spectrum to deliver faster broadband speeds.

Amuri Net founder Chris Roberts says this will allow his customers to keep up with demanding broadband applications and enjoy Internet access similar to urban speeds.

He has been planning this network expansion for nearly 12 months and he has used the Government’s RBI2 process to plan Amuri’s next generation of network upgrades.

“We’ve always focused on bringing our customers the best possible connections that’s why we offer everything from the current RBI1 service right through to fibre where it’s available from Enable and Electricity Ashburton as well as our own extensive fixed wireless network covering customers from Diamond Harbour in the south right up to Kaikoura.”

Amuri Net will start work immediately on its RBI2 upgrade and will announce their detailed roll-out schedule as soon as it has finalised arrangements with Crown Fibre Holdings.

“We’ve been delivering broadband to rural Canterbury since 2005 and we understand the needs of our customers, RBI2 is going to allow us to get to more places, faster than we had planned and with an upgraded network that will meet or exceed the Government’s target rural broadband specifications.”Running sport medianike fashion