Sebastian’s little Lotto errand

On a mission ... Sebastian, a cocker spaniel from Rangiora, on his way to the Lotto Shop at the Rangiora New World Supermarket last week. Photo: Shelley Topp


A Rangiora dog has adapted his fetch-and-carry instincts to his urban environment by becoming a courier for his owner.

Sebastian, a 16-year-old young-at-heart pure-bred cocker spaniel, is often seen around Rangiora carrying something in his mouth while walking alongside his owner with another dog, Jasper, a staffordshire terrier cross.

“Sebastian just loves carrying things,” says his owner, who asked not be named.

“If we go to the Lotto shop in the supermarket he will carry the Lotto envelope.”

He often gets a dog biscuit at the supermarket, but doesn’t eat it straight away as most dogs would do. He carries it home to be munched on there.

Sebastian also likes carrying mail to the Post Shop in High Street.

“He will carry anything,” his owner said.

“He will even carry a shopping bag home from the Two Dollar shop.

Cocker spaniels are sporting dogs bred to fetch and carry ducks during the shooting season.

With no ducks to fetch, Sebastian has found a new way of fetching and carrying.

“He is just doing what comes naturally to him.”

Sebastian is a character with a sweet, obliging nature and he has many fans around Rangiora.

“Everybody knows him,” he says.spy offersSneakers